It is not without reason that they are one of the most frequently chosen lounge furniture. Two-seater sofas look great and are extremely practical. They are perfect for private homes and business premises. We offer a wide range of furniture with different design. The large selection makes it possible for everyone to find a model that suits their individual taste.

Offered furniture is available in different colors to choose from, so you can easily choose one that will fit into the arrangement of the room not only style, but also color. In our assortment we have for example Chester Voila sofa, made of natural leather. It looks very elegant, so it works not only in private homes, but also in office spaces. It is also worth noting the Orchid model, which attracts the eye with its elegant, quilted upholstery. In our assortment there are also many other interesting models such as Aster, Scilla or Lotus Mini, distinguished by modern design.

Two-seater sofas have compact dimensions, so they fit very well in both larger and smaller rooms.

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  • Scilla — 2 Seater

  • Scilla with sleeping function — 2 Seater

  • Richmond — 2 Seater

  • Orchidea — 2 Seater

  • Chester Viola — 2 Seater

  • Chester Viola Velvet — 2 Seater

  • Irys — 2 Seater