They are the smallest of all the lounge furniture. They are practically inseparable element of the living room decor. All because they do not take up a lot of space, and if necessary they can serve as an additional seat. They can also be used as a footrest.

We offer models that encourage with their attractive design, which works both in modern and more classic rooms, giving their interiors a lot of elegance. If you are looking for original models that will immediately attract attention, consider the Richmond model, available in two colours. Its modern form catches the eye and makes it an interesting decoration of the room. A more classic form has, covered with velvet material, Chester Viola Velvet puff, whose feet give it an antique style. The classic model of Narcissus, Scilla, Irys and other available pouffes are also worth noticing. Each of them will constitute a practical and elegant element of the interior design.

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